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Patient Advisory Board

EDS Wellness’ Patient Advisory Board

Our patient advisory board is the patient voice for the EDS Wellness team — by far the most integral components of our organization. Patient advisory board embers include patients, parents or other family members, caregivers, educators and other individuals who are associated with or advocate for the EDS community in some way. Additionally, our patient advisory board includes individuals who are part of the broader chronic illness community — particularly those who advocate for chronic illnesses that are considered “comorbid” to connective tissue disorders and hypermobility syndromes, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Our patient advisory board members range in age from pre-teen (sometimes younger) to adult, and all come from a wide spectrum of education and backgrounds — each bringing his/her individual strength to the EDS Wellness team.

We are working to add the names and bios for all of our patient advisory board members to our website, and a complete list will be provided soon. Similarly, the names of the individuals on our Board of Directors, and Medical and Professional Advisory Boards will be updated as well.

If you are interested in serving on our patient advisory board in the future, please submit the application below. You can also send an email summarizing your interest in serving on our patient advisory board and including your qualifications or resume to [email protected]. Alternatively, if you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer Application page.

To learn about our online and in-person support groups, referral networks and membership options for patients, caregivers, educators and other groups of individuals, or to join, please visit ________.

If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].