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I met Brianna a few years ago when I was working on theOur Stories of Strength – Living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome anthology. Through my personal Instagram account, I followed Brianna’s posts and knew that she worked with an EDS specialist in California — I also loved her positive vibe about living with EDS.

Because the focus of the Our Stories of Strength anthology series is about publishing stories of strength, hope, and perseverance while living with a chronic, often invisible illness, I reached out to Brianna and asked if she wanted to include her personal story.


Victoria Graham, me, and Brianna at EDNF Conference 2015

Brianna and I quickly became friends, and her story was included in the original EDS anthology. She’s also been a huge supporter of everything that I do, and a wonderful friend. Additionally, Brianna is an advocate for the importance of wellness, nutrition, movement and mind-body practices in order to live well while living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Brianna’s been a behind-the-scenes cheerleader and quiet supporter of countless people and organizations, and has devoted her time, finances and more to giving to others. It’s awesome to see Brianna shine in her own spotlight through a collaborative project with Hal Elrod, a long-time friend. ‘The Miracle Morning – Art of Affirmations’ – A coloring book for adults and kids has been an incredible project to be a part of and watch grow — and I couldn’t be more proud of Brianna.

To learn more about ‘The Miracle Morning – Art of Affirmations’ – A Coloring Book, please visit Or, read below. 


Dr. Chopra, me, Brianna, and Matt at EDNF Conference 2015

“BRIANNA GREENSPAN has been using the power of positive affirmations for the past 10 years to overcome the physical challenges that being born with a chronic invisible illness brings about. When Brianna decided that the labels and limitations of her medical team did not align with what she believed to be possible for her life, everything began to change. From back and neck braces, surgeries, and too many doctors’ visits to count to competing in her first 10k and hiking Half Dome at Yosemite National Park, Brianna is living proof that the power of positive affirmations coupled with extraordinary faith and immense effort really can overcome the biggest obstacles.

As a longtime friend and early coaching client, Brianna Greenspan was one of the first people Hal shared The Miracle Morning with back in 2009, long before it was a book. Brianna was blown away by the extraordinary results she experienced in her first week of completing her own Miracle Morning routine and began sharing Hal’s new program among her large networks.

This advocacy led Brianna to share the Miracle Morning with her friend Joe, who became the famous “Who the heck is Joe?” from The Miracle Morning book when he was the first person to make a Miracle Morning video and post in on YouTube. Brianna has consistently supported the movement by hosting Miracle Morning clubs and conferences as well as aiding with the original book launch, and Hal’s Best Year Ever Blueprint live events.

DSC_0015In spite of Brianna’s personal health battles and previous limiting beliefs, Brianna’s decision to see the word impossible as “I’m Possible” has propelled her to reach new levels of achievement. By incorporating Miracle Mornings into her life, her outlook on her previous limitations was thrown out the window by adopting the mindset that she could achieve anything she truly committed to.

With Hal’s unwavering faith and support, Brianna has been diligently practicing the Miracle Morning and the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. for the past seven years and can proudly say that doing this routine in the morning as well as practice positive affirmations throughout the day have been imperative to her becoming the strongest version of herself with each new day. Brianna attributes the power of positive affirmations and visualizations as the root of her success. Brianna’s passion for life coupled with her passion for the Miracle Morning Movement made for a perfect opportunity to create this beautiful work of art to share with the community.

Learn more at”

‘The Miracle Morning – Art of Affirmations’ is Available through –

You can also find the original ‘The Miracle Morning’ book by going to; however, we are blessed that Hal Elrod donated a number of books to EDS Wellness in order for us to pay the message in ‘The Miracle Morning’ forward. Stay tuned for a Miracle Morning Give-Away in honor of EDS Wellness’ official launch!