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Reminder – Mast Cell Research is holding a contest for how many of Dr. Lawrence Afrin’s book ‘Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity have been sold, to celebrate the six month anniversary since it was published.

If you would like to participate, please do so. The contest is open through tomorrow morning at 9 am!

Additionally, we held a contest for Wellapalooza 2016 and announced the winners a while ago. However, we cannot send prizes without addresses! We’ve heard from one person only. If you attended Wellapalooza 2016, please make sure you read this post & email us your address!

Also, I shared this description on Mast Cell of mast cells and why they are linked to so many issues — mast cells are the “sentinels” or guards of our immune system, and they only “live” in our connective tissues, after they are “born” in our bone marrow. 

Culy_f1Mast Cells are also a type of white blood cell, and they release over 200 chemicals when they degranulate (degranulate = triggered, because they come in contact with a “toxin” or “invader”), and they do not only release histamine and tryptase. The chemicals are released into the tissues that they “live” in, the surrounding tissues, and tour blood, which is only the beginning of thousands upon thousands of chemical reactions that control our entire immune system, and many other biological and neurological responses that control the systems in our bodies.

Additionally, the food we eat isn’t only the thing that causes our mast cells to be overly reactive – other epigenetic and genetic factors play a significant role as well (i.e. Environment, trauma, stress, surgeries, wifi/EMF waves, and much more): 

“We’ve changed our living environment…If it was cold you put on a sweater, you didn’t turn up the heat to 72º. The foods that we eat are no longer locally raised. So…this mast cell that’s used to a certain type of micro-environment is just completely confused and now completely over-active.” — Anne Maitland, MD, PhD, Allergy & Immunology 

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