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Save the Date!

Updates on our upcoming integrative wellness retreat – Wellapalooza 2017

Where: The Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA is an amazing 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 resort!

When: April 28th-30th, 2017

We have an incredible opportunity to hold an event at a place many of us would not otherwise go to.

Registration for both the Physicians Learning Conference in June 2017 and Wellapalooza 2017 will be up very soon!

We have a room block of 5 rooms at a discounted rate for Wellapalooza 2017; however, several rooms are already spoken for. If we need additional rooms, the Salamander Resort & Spa said that they will help us add additional rooms to our room block. Staying at The Salamander is not required to attend Wellapalooza 2017. We kept conference registration separate from room costs to allow as much flexibility and options for attendees possible. The nightly room rates at The Salamander are higher, but the more rooms we need, the better the room rate discount.

Rooms at The Salamander Resort can fit up to 4 people and retreats are a great reason to plan a weekend away. Or, a weekend alone. Splitting the costs of a room helps decrease room costs per night and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. We are also happy to help match people who are willing to share rooms.

You can call now to reserve a room for Wellapalooza 2017 (yes, even before registration is open) – 844-303-2723 

As mentioned above, costs of accommodations are separate from the cost of the retreat. While we are working to finalize a budget, our hope is to keep registration costs as low as possible, while offering several attendance options. In general, Wellapalooza is not meant to compete with or replace the bigger medical conferences. It’s also not meant to be the same type of conference, which is why costs may differ.

Wellapalooza is meant to be more of a retreat, a wellness weekend, a short wellness and education focused getaway at a place that you would be interested in going to no matter whose speaking or the severity of your illness. Wellapalooza is structured as a not-so-fast-paced, or slammed with presentations all day long, as many other conferences. You will not “just sit there” in a conference room all day.

Wellapalooza is meant to not only provide updated information on various conditions that are comorbid to each other but also provide information on integrative therapies and the environment to safely and comfortably try them.

Wellapalooza is about a cultivating a positive, healthy vibe – the #WellaVibe

Wellapalooza provides a comfortable space to be vulnerable and open-minded.

EDS Wellness’ education and integrative wellness-focused workshops and retreats, provide a bridge between patients and healthcare providers.

Wellapalooza retreats open up dialogue to help find paths for understanding and empower each attendee to find strength and belief in their ability to embrace wellness.

Wellapalooza facilitates an environment of learning, growing and soul healing.

Below are a few details to help with planning purposes thus far:

1. The cost for the 2-day retreat will be around $400+/-. If we offer a 3-day retreat option, costs will increase slightly. Anticipated registration cost is based on very rough budget numbers, so please keep that in mind. Our goal is always to make Wellapalooza as affordable as possible while ensuring that we do under budget and end up in the red.

2. We expect the budget to be finalized in the next day or so, and registration to be live next sometime in the next few days.

3. We have room for 6 vendors/sponsors/Wella partners.
Wellapalooza 2017 will be an incredible opportunity to network and discuss collaborative projects. The vendor/sponsor/partner page is being updated, but you can learn more by going to

4. Please visit The Salamander’s website to read about the area and all activities – it’s a fantastic resort!

It’s a perfect for the family, a nice weekend away with your partner, yourself, or with friends.
There’s plenty to do and a fantastic spa!

5. The Salamander has agreed to waive the resort fee for all retreat attendees – those who are staying at the resort and those who attend daily. We will have use of the fitness facilities, the pool and I *believe* that we will also be able to use the wellness/spa area as well.

6. Everything is in one location, which is great. We are looking for a salt cave and additional wellness activities that may not be located on the resort property. We will share details as we have them.

7. One of our conference rooms is a kitchen and dining room, with a table that fits 20-25 people. This is the room where Healing Histamine by Yasmina Ykelenstam will be holding cooking demonstrations and nutrition presentations.

8. The speaker’s list is not complete and is always subject to change.

9. We’ve been compiling a complete list of B&B’s and nearby hotels to provide alternative accommodations for those who would like to attend, but do my wish to stay at The Salamander. The list will be provided when registration opens.

10. The conference has a max attendance of 75 people. When registration opens, please make sure to register early, to ensure your spot.

Our integrative wellness retreats are purposely smaller than traditional conferences to allow a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. We also like to spend time with our friends and enjoy the retreat with you.

We build in down time and structure the retreat schedule to include optional mind-body classes, time to enjoy amenities, and ability to have smaller group discussions with our speakers.

11. Conditions of focus? ALL!

Your body isn’t segregated by chronic illness, so why would we be any different?

EDS Wellness’ Integrative Wellness Conferences do not focus on one chronic illness, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), or one of the other chronic conditions that are related to both conditions. Instead, we focus on underlying links and similarities, while appreciating how each and every one of us presents differently.

We focus on the most updated research and treatment guidelines surrounding the chronic conditions, so many of us have.

We learn the how’s concerning overlapping symptoms and the why’s various chronic conditions are comorbid to each other.

We focus on what we can do, not what we can’t.

And …we focus on moving better and moving more, even if it’s #Just5Minutes a day.

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