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The #AmericanRuns5k – Want to join us? Read below!

Let’s welcome spring with a 5K run/walk/ride and support some great causes.

America Runs 5K is a virtual race where you can run anywhere & anytime to support a non-profit cause. For every participant who signs up, Charity Footprints will donate $5 to the participant’s non-profit.

In addition, you’ll receive an individual fundraising page to solicit donations and amplify the impact.

Money raised and donated goes directly towards helping support EDS Wellness’ mission, initiatives, programs and research to find integrated therapies that help us live well with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD), and their comorbid conditions.

Charity Footprints is also giving away prizes to the organizations with the most team members and the individuals who are raising the most money! EDS Wellness was in 1st place, but we’ve dropped to 2nd. Melody Gough is in the lead for raising the most money!

We need your help! Registration to join us – there’s still time!

Join Team EDS Wellness Now!

Over the past five years, EDS Wellness has slowly developed into an organization whose focus is on promoting health education, physician education, public health initiatives, integrative healthcare, and wellness strategies for living well with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD), such as Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS). Since we incorporated as a nonprofit earlier this year and received 501(c)(3) approval, we’ve begun implementing our core initiatives and programs and developing collaborative strategies for new ones. Additionally, we’ve begun working on grant proposals and other funding sources to ensure that we can conduct research along with the implementation of our initiatives and programs. This research will provide critical and necessary feedback on which integrative therapies and programs prove most helpful for living well with EDS.

EDS Wellness focuses on what we can do, not what we can’t.

All proceeds received from any of EDS Wellness’ fundraisers, EDS Ride for a Cause events, monies raised from other fundraising events, donations received, or proceeds earned from the sales of tax-exempt services and EDS Wellness swag, will be used to support various initiatives, programs and research efforts under the EDS Wellness umbrella.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible in according with 501(c)(3) laws. To view our business documents, please go to Business Documents, Tax ID, and 501(c)(3) Information.


Your donation will help EDS Wellness to:

  • Provide phone appointments and dedicated email support through the EDS Wellness’ HelpLine
  • Implement health education and support programs for patients and caregivers, incorporating integrative therapies and providing the resources necessary to help patients find the solutions that they so desperately need.
  • Increase our Physician Learning Conferences, lunches, and roundtable dinners, which provide education on the complexities of EDS, help shorten the average time to diagnosis, and improve patient outcomes.
  • Expand our provider education campaigns and initiatives, which focus on disseminating updated diagnostic criteria for all types of EDS, providing proper guidelines for care, publishing print and digital educational materials and resources for patients, and managing our professional referral networks for healthcare providers.
  • Provide much-needed funding to record, produce and upload patient education videos with EDS specialists.
  • The funds the need to build an interactive learning platform so that patients from across the world can access the resources and programs that EDS Wellness develops and implements.
  • Help fund research initiatives focused on finding better treatment options and integrative solution
  • Fund public health campaigns and global awareness efforts
  • Continue to hold Integrative Wellness Retreats for patients and caregivers, and provide financial support to help offset patients costs and provide a certain number of scholarships to each retreat
  • Provide tax-exempt services such as one on one wellness coaching, restorative exercise therapy, and patient advocacy
  • Offer weekly Mindfulness and Yoga for Hypermobility classes and workshops, focused on education, movement, and mindfulness in an intimate support group environment
  • Offer all classes and programs on various “virtual” platforms – most broadcasted live or offered through live webinar attendance (i.e., “Just 5 minutes” class offered 3x a week)
  • Continue to launch the “Just 5 Minutes” mission and program. Read more by going to The Just 5 Minutes Mission.
  • Continue to build a sound foundation for a “virtual “EDS Wellness Clinic” – one that provides “concierge” support with finding and making appointments with specific providers, and travel assistance, patient support, and advocacy when traveling to the greater Bethesda, Maryland area (and all other services, programs, and initiatives mentioned).
  • Take necessary steps towards providing the research and funding to build an Institute for Restored Movement and Integrative Medicine, offering accommodations for rehab programs and our Integrative Wellness Retreats, as well as provider offices.
Today is the day that counts: Don’t wait. Help us to help others by joining Team EDS Wellness TODAY!

Join Team EDS Wellness Today!