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  • “Did I Just Hear that I Need to “Exercise?!” – the how and the why our muscles do the work our connective tissues cannot
  • Facing and embracing the fear of movement – what to do when exercise hurts or has caused injury
  • Utilizing visualization, positive affirmation and other mindfulness to constant worry about doing too much, the perpetual fear of increasing pain, or if you will “pay for it later.”
  • Changing perspectives on “Having to Exercise” – Adopting a movement-focused mindset and lifestyle, and learning to Move More and Move Better all day long to help restore function and live well with “loose joints.”
  • “Go Low and Go Slow” – Building Strength and Regaining Stability Through “Safe” Approaches to Physical Therapy and Exercise
  • Physical Therapy for the management of hypermobility disorders and related conditions – Strategies for developing individual, multisystem approaches to help restore function, decrease chronic pain and foster patient engagement in their treatment plan
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