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Please note – these videos are personal videos – they are video clips of physical therapy sessions with my children. These videos were not made for EDS Wellness, nor should the viewer infer that these videos were produced by EDS Wellness – the organization. They were not and are not. While EDS Wellness will be adding specific presentations on this topic in this course and more clinical information, we felt as though the video clips below were useful enough to outweigh misinterpretation of the reason we opted to include personal physical therapy video clips in this course. And before we added more formal presentations. The hope is that seeing a few exercises of exercises used, and the various approaches that are taken to keep PT fun for kids, will help provide insight to other parents and caregivers. Therefore, helping at least a few more children find fun and safe ways to remain active, increase stability and gain strength to support their bodies and manage symptoms associated with hypermobility.

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