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Workouts that can be done at home or with limited equipment. The focus is on gaining strength and stability through cross-training principles that focus on combining body weight, resistance bands, and other joint-friendly portable exercise/PT equipment with low-impact and functional exercises.

Please note – these videos are personal videos – they are video clips of my at home workouts and physical therapy exercises. Some are videos I made for friends who asked for exercises to follow at home. These videos were NOT made for EDS Wellness, nor should any viewer infer that these videos were produced by EDS Wellness – the organization. These videos should not be viewed as a directive or “the workout for EDS or hypermobility” – they are not. They are solely personal videos; however, we felt as though the video clips below were useful enough to outweigh potential misinterpretations. The hope is that seeing a few several different types of strength training and PT exercises that can be done at home, and modified based on each person’s level of strength and mobility, will help provide insight and motivation for those in need. However, one should always seek the guidance of a qualified medical professional before trying anything new or starting a new movement/physical activity routine. Again, these videos and exercise routines were not produced by or for EDS Wellness, nor were they put together specifically for those with EDS, HSD or another hypermobility related disorder. Viewer assumes all risks.

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