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Current Initiatives, Research Projects, and Health Education Programs

What we are up to — a list of past, current and future initiatives, research projects and programs: 

  • Dedicated HelpLine with extensive options for receiving help – email, open phone line, and appointment scheduling.
  • Moving Naturally with Hypermobility Seminar – Seminars put together with DPTs that focus on physical therapy, exercise, and natural movement approaches for hypermobility syndromes. The idea is to help people focus on how they can help themselves at home – move better, etc. and also find proper resources or a PT.
  • Women’s Health Conference
  • Physicians Learning Conferences
  • Continuing Medical Education Opportunities for Healthcare Providers
  • Learning Conferences for Educators
  • Patient Advocacy, support group leading training, other health education programs
  • Personal wellness coaching and patient advocacy services
  • Mind-Body classes and educational courses focused on movement, nutrition and mindfulness strategies for living well while living with a chronic illness
  • Integrative Health and Wellness Conferences
  • The “Just 5 Minutes” Initiative – “Motivation for life, and mission to heal, restore and empower the human spirit – one yoga mat at a time. #Just5Minutes at a time.”

The “Just 5 Minutes” initiative is about creating a movement. It’s about spreading awareness through a shared message. It’s about working together to help build momentum and the motivation to do something for 5 minutes each day — because something is better than nothing.

The “Just 5 Minutes” mission is a program developed to help provide yoga mats and other necessary PT and home exercise equipment for those living with EDS and other hypermobility spectrum disorders.

  • Spanish version of our new EDS Integrative Healing Brochure
  • Recently resigned the new
  • EDS Integrative Healing BrochureMast Cell Activation Syndrome Brochure
  • EDS Ride for a Cause
  • Gala fundraiser – TBD
  • Patient Education Videos in collaboration with community physicians
  • EDS and Kids e-book (will be released any day!)
  • Living with EDS/Hypermobility program with local wellness centers
  • Research initiatives on integrative therapies