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Our ‘Monthly Wrap-up & Q&A’– held in our online classroom/studio (virtually) the last day of each month, unless scheduled differently, and as long as schedules are permitting. Our monthly wrap-up & Q&A broadcasts are meant to provide the opportunity to share feedback about recent EDS Wellness events, classes, or website posts. Of course, anything related to our community or to what EDS Wellness does, indirectly or directly, is pertinent and is open to discussion.

These events are really our way to check in and hear from our community and especially those who are regular members of the EDS Wellness team. I wanted to provide a casual and consistent way for everyone to ask questions, share thoughts, ideas for the future and more – EDS Wellness related or not.

Click graphic to the right to view link to join us, or go to Events Calendar.

“Just 5 Minutes” per day – Live via the EDS Wellness Facebook page or another designated video broadcasting platform such as Zoom or ZubiaLive. Our virtual movement studio may also move into the EDS Wellness/Wellapalooza – Events, Classes, Conferences & More! group for some of our live classes. We will provide details and instructions for registration and viewing prior to each class/broadcast.

Our “Just 5 Minutes” virtual movement classes are back based on feedback from our recent survey, and will be held 1x a month – the first Wednesday of each month from 2:30pm-3:00pm EST to allow us to hold additional classes, workshops, webinars/podcasts and more – all virtually!

We will move for “Just 5 Minutes” each day. We will peak at various different types of mainstream workouts, discuss PT strategies, focus on what you can do at home, versus what you can’t. No experience or equipment needed. You can also just sit there for 5 minutes and watch. It’s all about taking the first step forward, and sometimes half the battle is showing up.

You will be able to see me, but I can’t see you, and classes are public unless stated otherwise or held in one of our private groups. We will have plenty of private virtual classes and webinars as well.

All classes are always available to watch later on the page, platform or group we broadcasted from. And all videos are edited and uploaded to the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel (shorter clips) and full-length videos are available on our eLearning platform. Click image to the left to register or go here.

EDS Wellness is thrilled to have Brianna Greenspan join the speaker line up for our 2018 Video Webinar Series & Educational Program for a 2nd time! During this broadcast, Brianna, Co-Author of ‘The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations: A Positive Coloring Book for Adults and Kids‘ with Hal Elrod of ‘The Miracle Morning,’ will share her personal story and how the “Art of Positive Affirmations” helped her along her journey to wellness while living with EDS & related conditions.

About Brianna:

Brianna Greenspan is the Co-Author of ‘The Miracle Morning Art of Affirmations: A Positive Coloring Book for Adults and Kids‘ with Hal Elrod of The Miracle Morning. Brianna (AKA “Rocketship”) has been a constant source of unwavering friendship and encouragement over the last few years, and an integral team member in building the solid foundation that EDS Wellness sits on today. Brianna and Gene by Gene also helped fund the 18 research articles for the 2017 Ehlers-Danlos syndromes diagnostic criteria published by the Ehlers-Danlos Society and Ehlers-Danlos UK.

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About EDS Wellness’ 2018 Webinar Series:

EDS Wellness’ 2018 Video Webinar Series ‘Integrative Strategies for Managing Hypermobility Disorders & Related Conditions, Restoring Function & Living Well’ launched in January 2018. Information on each webinar and all of our classes, groups and more will be shared and updated on event FB pages, our website, other social media platforms and via email. Please sign up for our email list & newsletter to ensure you are notified about upcoming events and specific event details. Go to Go to

Questions? Please email [email protected].

Comments or Feedback? Send an email to [email protected]. Or, send a message through the contact form on our website –

Registration is open for EDS Wellness’ video webinar, Thursday, May 24th, 2018 with Dr. Deborah Norris of The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Norris will be sharing the evidence-basis for mindfulness in chronic illness & chronic pain, facilitate interactive discussion/Q&A and will lead a condensed, yet still relaxing meditation practice – virtually!

EDS Wellness is thrilled to have Dr. Norris join us again for our 2018 speaker line-up.! It’s always an honor to work with her and also participate in one of her meditation amazing classes. To learn more about The Mindfulness Center, go to

Date: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Time: 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join us virtually! Pre-webinar registration is required. Information is below.

About Deborah Norris, PhD:

“Dr. Norris is the Founder and President of The Mindfulness Center. She is a health scientist and pioneer in the field of Mindfulness with over 40 years of experience in education, research, and programming. Also an innovative businesswoman, Dr. Norris leads a team of over 100 therapists, health care providers, faculty members, researchers, business and development personnel, board members and volunteers toward a new healthcare paradigm. The community health programs led by Dr. Norris and conducted in collaboration between The Mindfulness Center and area hospitals, government agencies, schools and other non-profits, represent the forefront of integrative healthcare, empowering community members to live healthier, more mindful and fulfilling lives.” 

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