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The EDS Wellness HelpLine

EDS Wellness, Inc. does not have physicians in our employ, and we operate under the direction of our director, counsel from our board, and through the assistance of volunteers. The EDS Wellness Helpline is run by our director and volunteers, not by EDS health care providers or specialists.  Contacting our Helpline implies an understanding that any information provided is not a substitute for medical advice or care by a professional. You are responsible for your health, wellness, and healthcare.

The EDS Wellness HelpLine phone line is available on certain days each week, based on the availability of our volunteers. The HelpLine also offers limited one on one private calls, scheduled in 15-minute time slots. Please make sure to check when the HelpLine phone line is open, as the schedule changes each week. To schedule a HelpLine appointment, please click here to make your appointment.

Please note – all private calls with HelpLine volunteers are scheduled in 15-minute increments – one session per person per day.  The availability of schedule one on one private HelpLine calls varies based on the availability of our volunteers — all devote their time freely to our HelpLine. Please be courteous and on time for your scheduled HelpLine call. Our volunteers have calls scheduled before and after your call. If your availability changes, we ask that you, please provide us 24 hours notice before your scheduled call of the need to change or cancel your appointment. Doing so allow us to either fill your spot or adjust our personal plans accordingly. Finally, we ask that you, please respect the amount of time devoted to your call and have your questions ready.

For general questions regarding Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), you may email one of our Helpline volunteers at [email protected], or use the contact submission form below. We aim to respond within 24-48hours.

Please do not call our office number for HelpLine-related questions, as we will direct you back to the HelpLine email to have someone help answer your question and try to provide you the information that you are requesting. To schedule a call with the helpline, please click HelpLine Appointments.

Disclaimer: EDS Wellness, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wellness organization incorporated in the state of Maryland. EDS Wellness, Inc. does not provide medical advice or treatment. We are not a health care provider. It is important to realize that information provided by EDS Wellness, Inc. is not meant as a replacement for proper care from a doctor, therapist, or other healthcare providers. It is vital that you talk with your health care providers regarding the diagnosis and treatment options for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), other connective tissue disorders, and comorbid conditions. Minors should consult with a parent or legal guardian when considering treatment and providers.