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Below are 10 Wellapalooza Tips of the Day

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1. Registration for Wellapalooza 2015 is still open and we have a few spots! We made our minimum and deadline – thank you! That means, we have spots left and a cancellation policy that is 7 days prior to Wellapalooza – cancel by the 7th, and you get your registration fee refunded.

2. If you haven’t seen the conference schedule, go here:Wellapalooza 2015 Conference Schedule

We also announced that Dr. Alank Pocinki will be speaking at Wellapalooza 2015!

3. Speakers are (this doesn’t include those doing other sessions):

– Dr. Theo
– Dr. Telfair (naturopath from Baltimore)
– Dr. Alan Pocinki

4. We also *may* have a reservation for The Bethesda Salt Cave on Saturday evening after Wellapalooza.

We are also working to offer more elective activities for those who are interested – details will be announced.

The Salt Room is reserved for only our group & we can fit about 8 people.

More details will come as soon as I have an idea on the cost – it’s an additional activity outside of Wellapalooza 2015 for those who will be in the area or staying. Cost will prob. be about $15-$20 per person.

Bethesda Salt Cave

5. Hotels – room blocks do not seem to be making sense. We will provide a list of a few hotels in the area, other than the Embassy Suites, in Chevy Chase, but Jan was able to make a reservation at the Bethesda Marriott Suites (different from the Bethesda Marriott) for $89 per night. I believe that is with a AAA discounts on top of the $99 room rate.

You have to look around a bit, but I believe if you call the hotel directly, you should be able to get the $99 rate.

There are rooms with a balcony and suites. I do believe that the $99 covered suite as well.

Note – Bethesda Marriott Suites is a great deal, but it is not within walking distance to Wellapalooza or downtown Bethesda, where the EDS Ride for a Cause is being held the next day. They have a shuttle that goes within 5 miles, but Wellapalooza’s venue may be just over that.

Jan also looked into vacation home/condo rentals and there are some great deals where a few people could share a place.

Uber and cabs are easy to get and I did mention the parking in the Geico parking lot, or in the garage where Wellapalooza is being held.

Bethesda Marriott Hotel

6. EDS Ride for a Cause – is the next day (Sunday, November 15th at 1pm) at Zengo Cycle in Bethesda, MD. Proceeds benefits EDS International Symposium 2016 via Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation.

You can sign-up now on the Zengo Cycle website:

Bikes are $35 each. This is an indoor spinning class charity ride.

This event is not on a motorcycle, or on an outdoor road bike. You will be in a spinning class in a darkened room, with great music, getting a great workout, and all for an incredible cause that absolutely benefits mast cell research as well.

If you cannot ride, you can donate a bike seat in your honor, or have someone else ride in your place. Either way, bike seats are reserved for donation or participation on Zengo’s website.

****Note – the workout is intense, but you don’t have to go crazy in the class or overexert yourself. You also do not need to be afraid of trying. No one will be watching you. The room is darkened and music is loud. You can sit on the bike and not move your legs or arms, while enjoying just being in the class, or you can participate by moving your legs a tiny bit. It’s best to be somewhat active if trying the class, but you don’t have to be uber fit. Workout at the pace that is most comfortable for you and that you are used, and do not worry about trying to keep up with others in the class. 

The EDS Ride for a Cause is not part of Wellapalooza 2015. It’s another event that I had already planned and it works well together with Wellapalooza for those who are in the area, or those who are coming into town.

Plus, my son makes the most awesome black and white striped zebra bracelets and everyone gets one!

7. Podcasting – I would like to test Periscope out tomorrow, because it’s my birthday. What a better day to celebrate Wellapalooza, then to podcast live on Periscope on my birthday! My hope is to podcast the venue, so we can look around together, but I’m also headed the pumpkin patch with my 1st grader in the AM.

I’m thinking that 2pm EST will work tomorrow. I will be podcasting from the @wellapalooza twitter account.

I would love for anyone who’s interested to help out by participating. If you haven’t already done so, download the Periscope App (you need a twitter account first), and follow us @Wellapalooza on twitter.

I will check to see if you can log into Periscope from a computer as well, but I imagine that you can.

8. Wella Contest – contest will be announced soon and we will be giving away a few free spots to come to Wellapalooza 2015

9. Sponsors & Wella swag – Everyone will get a Wella swag bag, with information that is useful, as well as other goodies for coming to the 2nd Wellapalooza!

Sponsors so far are:

Goûter tonics

– Philosophie super foods

– Kangen Water in Kensington Maryland

10. Last, but most may be most important point from today’s post – If you haven’t already done so, please sign-up for our Wellapalooza newsletter/email list. You can do so, by going to:Wellapalooza Newsletter & Email sign-up

This important because not everyone sees posts from the event page, or the Wellapalooza FB page. Many also don’t see what I share on my Facebook personal page or through the Wellapalooza site. Best way to make sure that you don’t miss any information, is to sign-up to receive our newsletter and Wella updates via email

No, we will not spam you, and we will not share your email with anyone else.

All emails will contain Wellapalooza information, or information related to Wellapalooza, EDS, MCAS, Mastocytosis and related conditions.

Please share with FB groups, support groups and on your personal pages, if you feel that other may be interested.
Questions? Email us:

You can also send a message through the contact link on our website: Wellapalooza – Contact us!

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