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Maria Dastur & me at LEAD EDS in Mayson, Ohio – May 17th, 2019

June 10th, 2019

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the EDS Wellness site back up. While it’s still a work in progress and there’s still a lot left to be done, we will be forever grateful for the $1000 grant we received earlier this month as part of a charitable fund donation from an amazing donor.


How incredibly exciting to receive a gift so significant – and at just the time we needed it most! Thank you doesn’t seem to express our incredible gratitude for receiving such a substantial contribution & grant for EDS Wellness’ “area of most need.” Because of donations received from our charitable partners through eBay & PayPal Giving & the unexpected grant for $1000, EDS Wellness was able to pay our insurance, other monthly operating expenses, and invest in a few hours of professional website analysis & help! EDS Wellness’ site is back up – live on a new server, even while we work through updating content, correcting links and adding additional resources through the backend. Additionally, we were honored to have collaborative working relationships & the trust of two of our sister nonprofit organizations. Together with EDS Awareness, we worked for a year developing the 1st EDS Leadership Conference & Support Program — LEAD EDS. Our inaugural event was held in Mason, Ohio on May 17th, 2019 and included special guest performer, Mandy Harvey. At the beginning of May, EDS Wellness was asked to present & provide support at the Neuro Connect Summit in Rockville, MD and held by Dysautonomia Support Network (DSN).

So, thank you to everyone who’s ever donated!

I cannot properly express how much every little bit helps! Every $1 or $5 … makes a difference each and every day to ensure that EDS Wellness’ work continues & that our previously developed resources remain available. Your support, fundraising, and donations, no matter the amount, have helped keep our young but rapidly growing nonprofit going! Thank you for being part of our team, my team – Team EDS Wellness.

Transparency matters.

Doing the right thing matters.

It’s amazing when hard work, even when having to go against the norm or what others believe is important, begins to pay off. Feeling tremendously grateful as finish typing this letter.

In health,

Kendra Neilsen Myles

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