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List of EDS Wellness’ local & online communities, groups, social networks and those of our affiliates & partner organizations. For additional support or resource links, go to SUPPORT or RESOURCES. To learn more ways to support our mission, vision, programs, or to become a sponsor, partner or affiliate, please visit GET INVOLVED!, SPONSORSHIP, GIVING, or FUNDRAISING. To join Team EDS Wellness, go to Membership. To donate direct, go to DONATE. Join us Socially – visit our SOCIAL page.

Groups & Forums within EDS Wellness’ Website (membership required):
Community Members (membership required):
EDS Wellness Membership:
For Professionals:
  • Memberships for Professionals
  • Team EDS Wellness Professional Membership
  • Global Alliance for Hypermobility Related Disorders (GAHRD) – Membership & Forum Application
  • GAHRD Login – Coming Soon!
  • Referral Networks & Group-specific Email Subscriptions (see below)
Local & Online EDS Wellness Support Group Meetings & Classes: 
EDS Wellness Online Community Forums & Social Networks: 
EDS Wellness-related Facebook Groups: 
Affiliated Facebook Groups (non-EDS Wellness):
Affiliated Online Social Forums/Networks (non-EDS Wellness): 
Affiliated Local Support Groups (non-EDS Wellness): 
Affiliated Global Support Groups (non-EDS Wellness): 
Stay Connected! Community & Group-specific Email/Newsletter Subscriptions:
  • General Newsletter & Email Updates Subscription
  • GAHRD (members only)
  • Team EDS Wellness (members only)
  • Provider Referral Network for Patients
  • Professional Referral Network for Providers
  • Professional Referral Network – Email/Newsletter Subscription
  • Healthcare Org & Collaboration Subscription


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