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You asked for it – here you go! The best new Ehlers-Danlos speaker – both patient and physician. My beautiful friend Dr. Christine Mohrhaus Hale. Christine shared her personal story of climbing out of the “The EDS Spiral” at Wellapalooza 2016. I knew Christine was amazing, but now the secret is out. Her presentation was nothing short of inspiring and uplifting. She’s also an aerial silks instructor and performer — all post-EDS/Psoriatic Arthritis/etc. diagnosis. During her presentation, she discusses how she plans for her

During her presentation, Christine discusses how she plans for her Just 5 Minutes” a day – no matter what.

Additionally, we are also thrilled to announce and incredibly grateful to have Dr. Mohrhaus Hale’s acceptance to serve on EDS Wellness’ Board of Directors and Medical/Professional Advisory Board. The rest of the board(s) will be announced soon!

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