“On Sunday October 16th from 1pm-2pm, I will be hosting (NOT teaching!) a charity spin class at Zengo Cycle in Bethesda for the THIRD year in a row! All proceeds from the event will benefit Dysautonomia International’s POTS research fund.

Dysautonomia International is a non-profit committed to enriching the lives of people who live with various forms of dysautonomia, such as myself and members of my family. They are committed to raising awareness of these disorders, providing advocacy and educating physicians through continuing education. To date, Dysautonomia International has donated just under $500,000 in research grants to the world’s leading dysautonomia doctors and researchers – and every penny raised is put into this fund.

For just $35, you will be registered for an incredible spin class which includes a free bottle of smart water as well as shoe rental for the class. And, of course, the knowledge you’re working towards helping to make the lives better of so many dysautonomia patients who struggle with daily symptoms. We need research and each and every dollar raised in this class, combined with other fundraisers and donations, will get us closer to funding another research study. The class will be comprised of my friends, family, POTS patients and their families. It’s a relaxed, fun environment that will guarantee you a great workout! ALL fitness levels welcome!”

To register for the event and to learn more about Zengo, please click here: http://www.zengocycle.com/serve/index.cfm?action=Workshop.events#events23062

To learn more about POTS and other autonomic disorders, please go here http://dysautonomiainternational.org, or click on ’10 facts about POTS,’ click on 10factsaboutpots.

You can also go to www.dysautonomiainternational.org

Reposted with permission from Elyse Schwartz.

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