The EDS Wellness HelpLine is live and open for appointments and HelpLine emails!

Download the EDS Wellness App today!

As part of the EDS Wellness HelpLine, we will also offer limited open phone line hours. Please make sure to check the schedule weekly, as things do change based on the availability of our volunteers. And .. please visit iTunes or Google Play to download the EDS Wellness Appfullsizerender-25fullsizerender-24Our App allows you to quickly schedule HelpLine appointments, personal appointments, register for conferences, seminars or workshops, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, and download the both the MindBody app and the EDS Wellness app on iTunes, or go to –

We are excited and proud to have EDS Wellness join the many other incredible wellness studies and organizations that are a part of the MindBody community. Being a part of this broader wellness community will broaden resources available for patients – which is the founding mission of EDS Wellness. It also helps to find support and to make appointments super easy.

fullsizerender-3-2All appointments, classes, seminars, and conferences are listed through the EDS Wellness website, but only a few have dates – for now. Registration for retreats and conferences will be made through EDS Wellness’ website or another related site and hosted by MINDBODY as well. Registration for the tax-exempt services and programs that are a part of the official launch of EDS Wellness are live and available now!

To make a HelpLine appointment, or to view other available appointments, programs, classes and upcoming events, go to

15 min Professional HelpLine and Consultation Appointments – These appointments are for healthcare professionals looking for additional information, information on a particular topic related to hypermobility or related condition, professional networking, or initial business meeting via phone or Skype.

Possible topics of discussion:

– Research
– Health Education Consultation/Needs Assessment for specific populations (with/without additional research on priority population, program development, and/or implementation)
– Patient Education
– Project Collaboration
– Health and Wellness Coaching
– Professional Education
– Guest Speaking
– Professional speaking opportunities at future events
– Digital and Print Media Publishing
– Educational Video Recordings
– Development of Health Education Materials
– Public Health/Health Education Program Development
– Public Health/Health Education Program Implementation
– Worksite Wellness Programs
– School Health Education
– Resources for Educators & Counselors
– Integrative Healthcare Strategies
– Professional Volunteer Services – i.e., HelpLine emails or appointments, patient consultations at EDS Wellness-related events, or other professional volunteer services.
– Yoga and Mindfulness for Hypermobility Program Implementation or Classes
– Grant writing
– PR/Marketing
– Vendor/Sponsor/Partnership Opportunities
– Social Media

In person, meetings are also available. Please email with additional questions or to make an in-person meeting appointment.

EDS Wellness is a 501(c)(3) NonProfit organization and is approved under the funding categories of donations, grants, and tax-exempt services. Additionally, EDS Wellness’ 501(c)(3) approval is for charitable, research and educational purposes. All donations are tax-deductible, and donation receipts will be provided. We welcome contributions – especially since we are just getting started under the nonprofit corporation status!

If you would like to make a donation towards the various projects we are working on, or to something specific such as helping to fund the HelpLine, please visit







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