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EDS Wellness’ eLearning platform is a valuable resource for sharing much-needed information and solutions-focused programs through online, easy-to-access lessons, courses, educational videos and related materials. Our’ “virtual” eLearning classroom also offers course and content-related community groups to foster and support learning, in addition to the tools required for providing approved online continuing medical education (CME) activities for healthcare providers online.

Course Levels and Affiliated Content 

For Individuals and Patient Education:

Indv. Level 1 - Access to Currently:

  • 2018 Video Webinar Program, EDS & Hypermobility “Boot camp,” #LiveEDSStrong – EDS Wellness Guests & More!, Wellapalooza 2015, #EDSFitTips, Physical Therapy and OT Exercises & “Just 5 Minutes” Class Recordings – Series 1 Classes 1-10.

Indv. Level 2 - Access to Currently:

  • Wellapalooza 2016, “Just 5 Minutes” Series 2&3, The Hypermobile Yogi, Gentle Flow Hatha Yoga Class Recordings (8 videos), Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain, Moving Naturally with Hypermobility, Nutrition, Mast Cell Research & more!

Indv. Level 3 - Access to (currently):

  • Yearly Conference & Retreat Event Recordings and Materials (fr. Wellapalooza 2017 moving forward. Does not include Professional Education Videos or Physicians Learning Recordings.)


For Providers and Professional Education:

Prof. Level 1:

  • Professional Education and Provider-focused Courses and Videos (course titles coming soon!)


Prof. Level 2:

  • Physicians Learning Conference & Event Recordings and Materials – including EDS Wellness’ 2017 Physicians Learning Conference (no enduring CME credits provided)

Prof. Level 3:

  • Approved CME Credit Activities – Enduring and Available Online (coming soon!)

A Few of Our Courses

Please keep in mind that the videos and materials for a few of our available courses will be added continuously throughout the year and as pertinent content is completed. Some of our “courses” are a compilation of edited class videos, or are a combination of gathered resources pertaining to a specific topic. Others may include conference materials, presentation slides, event recordings, new or previously recorded videos, or other useful resources. We also have several lessons planned and additional courses developed — waiting for us to acquire the necessary equipment and hone the best process(es) for sharing and updating content regularly. Finally, we feel ready.


Wellapalooza 2017 Presentation Recordings and Conference Materials

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Wellapalooza 2016 Presentation Recordings and Conference Materials

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Wellapalooza 2015 Presentation Recordings and Conference Materials

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EDS Wellness is thrilled to finally share the 1st (& only) e-Learning platform devoted to providing EDUCATION & Integrative SOLUTIONS for restoring function and living well. We hope to see you – virtually – in our online classroom/studio during live broadcasts and through courses on our new eLearning platform. 

EDS Wellness is excited to hear your thoughts and answer all questions! Please send emails to: 

Change is good. And we like to create change.

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