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Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Just 5 Minutes” class last Friday, and those who took part in our 4th class today! The edited video and resources for class 4 will be posted tomorrow. You can join us again next Monday, December 19th at 11 am EST! The registration link for our weekly classes, other events and workshops, conferences and personal appointments is below.

We appreciate your patience as we work through our technical issues, and then when also dealing with a sick pup who needed stitches on Monday. Our hope is that we’ve also figured out the reason the video clarity and focus has not been as it should be. Fingers crossed for Monday! We appreciate your comments and feedback. Comments either before or during class, and feedback afterward, helps us assist you in and helps us put together resources and programs that do make a difference. Because we are all so different, if we can help one person, then everything we do is worth it.

Always remember to go at your pace and to listen to your body. Not all exercises, even simple ones, are suitable for all of us. The point of these classes is to have resources, gain additional information, and then tailor what you learn to what works best for you.
EDS Wellness, nor I (Kendra Neilsen Myles), assume any risk for exercises or movements viewers attempt on their own. I am not a provider, nor can I see you be able what you are doing and if you are doing a specific exercise or movement safely. When in doubt, just watch and listen.

Additionally, it’s always best to ask your healthcare provider or PT about any concerns that you may have or before you begin a new type of exercise or movement that you’ve not done before. We welcome your questions about particular topics or activities that you would like covered in our “Just 5 Minutes” classes. Please send an email to or comment below. You also comment on the EDS Wellness Facebook page, or under any of the “Just 5 Minutes” videos on the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube channel.

Last, please keep in mind keep in mind that these classes are live and free, you can see me, but we can’t see you. The purpose is to find motivation and ways to move for “just 5 minutes” a day.

Register to join us today – it’s free!

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Resources and links from Class 3:

1. The Rumba Roller

2. Compression socks

3. Posture Clothing


Link to edited Class 3 video on YouTube, or see below.

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