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Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Just 5 Minutes” class on Wednesday. I appreciate the comments and feedback — they help me (EDS Wellness) provide resources and programs that do make a difference. Because we are all so different, helping one person makes everything we do worth it. And … we have another class tomorrow (Friday 12/9) at 11:00am (EST)! See the registration link below and join us!

Online classes fall into a groove over time, but here are a few takeaways from Wednesday’s class:

1. Registering ahead of time is very helpful, even though the classes are live on the EDS Wellness Facebook page. Please continue to do so. For future classes, please make sure to register via –

While these classes are live and free, if no one is registered, I will not know if there are topics that people want to be covered or if anyone is planning to participate.

2. You can also download the EDS Wellness App to register for our “Just 5 Minutes” classes, HelpLine appointments, conferences and more!

3. “Start slow and go low,” quote from Dr. Chopra. Even though most movements we will do in the “Just 5 Minutes” classes are gentle and modified, sometimes it can take our bodies a bit to wake-up and be ready for movement. It’s always best to start more slowly and gently until you are aware of how you are feeling and how your body is responding on a given day. Go at your own pace and listen to your body. 

4. Remember, not all exercises, even simple ones, are suitable for all of us. The point of these classes is to have resources, gain additional information, and then tailor what you learn to what works best for you.

EDS Wellness, nor I, assume any risk for exercises or movements viewers attempt on their own. I am not a provider, nor can I see you be able what you are doing and if you are doing a specific exercise or movement safely. When in doubt, just watch and listen. And always ask your healthcare provider or PT about any concerns that you may have or before you begin a new type of exercise or movement that you’ve not done before.

Feedback is still needed for the following questions:

1. Classes are scheduled at 11 am Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week. Time is 11 am EST, but we’ve previously held classes at 3pm as well. Please submit a comment on your preferred time – 11 am EST or 3 pm EST. If most people prefer 3 pm to 11 am, then I will move the class time permanently.

2. Please provide feedback on one topic or movement you would like covered in a “Just 5 Minutes” class.

***Remember, classes are held live on the EDS Wellness Facebook page – you can see me, but I can’t see you. The purpose is to find motivation and ways to move for “just 5 minutes” a day.***

Resources shared on Monday’s class:

– FitBit Charge HearRate Watch –

– Edited “Just 5 Minutes” Class 2 video on YouTube – (and also embedded below)

Thank you again for your support and participation! Register to join us – It’s FREE! Registration and EDS Wellness App links are listed again below. You can also Subscribe to the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel!  

You can also visit the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel page via EDS Wellness

One week class schedule:

Download the EDS Wellness App!


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