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The Global Alliance for Hypermobility Related Disorders (GAHRD)


The Global Alliance for Hypermobility Related Disorders (GAHRD) is EDS Wellness’ professional membership & referral network for healthcare providers and includes access to a private provider-only forum that is separate from our other member forums and is accessible through a private login page within the EDS Wellness website. Password & login access will be provided to GAHRD members after their membership application has been received and confirmed.


GAHRD membership requires submitting an application along with registration. Login and password information for the GAHRD forum is provided once registration is complete. Membership is renewed yearly to ensure that all members agree to membership rules, privacy, terms of service and remain interested in active membership. EDS Wellness plans to expand upon GAHRD, offering a more comprehensive professional education and networking membership in the future.

GAHRD Member Forum 

GAHRD’s forum is not public — its threads and content are private and not viewable online. GAHRD’s private provider forum is integrated within EDS Wellness’ website and is not accessible online – either through membership without prior approval or through subscription to follow forum threads.

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