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Do you have questions about how to be genetically tested for the BRAND NEW 45 gene panel for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes?

Join EDS Wisconsin, EDS Wellness & PreventionGenetics for an open Q&A – broadcasted LIVE — to discuss the NEW collaboration concerning genetic testing services offered by PeventionGenetics and Advanced Tele Genetic Counseling. Join genetic scientist, Dr. Dong, Tammy Kosbab of EDS Wisconsin’s, Kendra Neilsen Myles of EDS Wellness, Dr. Linda Bluestein of Wisconsin Integrative Pain Specialists, Christina Z. of PreventionGenetics’ and Jessica Pack, Cofounder of ATGC, virtually, on Friday, May 25th, 2018 at 12pm EST (11am CDT) for an open discussion and question answering session on this new genetic testing option.

In February 2017, Tammy Kosbab, Founder of EDS Wisconsin spoke with Christina at PreventionGenetics about the number of individuals who needed to genetic testing — many of whom have been put on a 2-4 year waiting list to see a genetic specialist.  Christina, who had previously worked in a genetics department, understood how challenging this problem is for those who are suffering. Subsequently, she contacted Advanced Tele Genetic Counseling (ATGC) and within two days – they had a viable resolution!

Since then, both organizations have collaboratively worked out a contract that will allow remote genetic counseling for individuals in several states. In addition, as of June of this year, Dr. Dong has been able to put together a 45-panel genetic test for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and other heritable connective tissue disorders, where previously only a 28-gene panel was available!

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