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Health Education and Program Development

Health education and program development services are primarily focused on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), other hypermobility syndromes, connective tissues disorders, and related chronic medical conditions. Additionally, EDS Wellness often works in collaboration with other organizations and healthcare practitioners to provide education and resources focused on helping patients live well while living with a chronic health condition(s), and to help improve the quality of life and overall well-being of individuals living with EDS and other chronic, often invisible illnesses.

Areas of interest:

  • Integrative healthcare
  • Collaboration and partnership between patients and their medical team
  • Natural Movement, corrective exercise principles, and yoga for hypermobility syndromes
  • Nutrition
  • Mind-body therapies
  • Wellness strategies for chronic pain conditions and multi-systemic, chronic illnesses
  • Real Estate Wellness
  • Professional education for teachers and other allied health professionals
  • Professional consulting on health education program development
  • Health Education and awareness campaigns involving marketing via social media and other digital and print media avenues


Health Education and program development can be done in-person or via virtual webinars, podcasts, and seminars.