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We’ve bullet-pointed some of the important announcements and information that will be shared in EDS Wellness’ October 2017 email newsletter below. Please emails with any questions!
  1. Deadline for donation requests is November 30th, 2017.
  2. Donations will be provided according to agreed upon terms with donation recipient(s) – i.e. gift card or the purchase of needed supplies in the gifted amount.
  3. Donation recipient(s) will be decided upon by our Board of Directors and based on the level of need.
  4. $287.00 can go pretty far and we are hoping to help several individuals and families in our community — even just a bit.
  5. Again, if you know of someone or a family who is in need, including yourself, please send an email to You can also send a private message through our contact form
  • Abstract submitted! Fingers crossed! ‘Approaches to Integrative Health & Mind-Body Strategies for Persons with Hypermobility-related Disorders, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD), and comorbid conditions: A Movement and Mindfulness-Based Health Education Program’ – submitted for the International Congress on Integrative Medicine & Health (May 8th-11th, 2018 – Baltimore, MD). To read our abstract, please go to EDS Wellness Abstract Submission to ACIMH Congress 2018 Baltimore. Our submission confirmation can be found here
  • We have only a few more days (4 more to be exact) to reach Top-Rated Nonprofit Status for 2017 on GreatNonprofits – Deadline is October 31st, 2017! Please help us reach our goal by submitting a review or testimonial for EDS Wellness on GreatNonprofits! We only need 8 more reviews/testimonials! Thank you for helping support EDS Wellness — click here! Read our latest review below:

“My daughter has been suffering from POTS and hEDS for 10 years. Although we contacted and visited many doctors and tried a variety of therapies over the years, no one knew how to help my daughter. It doesn’t even come close to say how frustrated I was. Fortunately, I met Kendra at her booth with information on EDS Wellness; this moment was a turning point where we found help and hope! I cannot write enough about how Kendra and EDS Wellness has transformed my life, my daughter’s life, and the lives of so many others. EDS Wellness is about treating the whole person. In addition to maintaining a website that encompasses so much pertinent information as well as numerous links for help, Kendra has run several amazing conferences (like Wellapalooza) for both doctors and patients. Since there is such a variety of medical issues that patients need to deal with, these conferences focus on mind and body wellness, integrative medicine, and various approaches to deal with chronic pain and other issues. This is an exceptional organization that I highly recommend to everyone!”

  • If you attended our 2017 Physicians Learning Conference and need to submit for retroactive approval of the 15 continuing medical education credits (CMEs) offered through the conference, please click on ‘Submitting for Retroactive Credit for 15 Approved CME Credits for All Attendees & Speakers – An Update on EDS Wellness’ 2017 Physicians Learning Conference & More!’
  • Our Professional Providers Network, including our Private Physicians Forum, is going through a name change — sort of. Based upon our mission to be inclusive of healthcare providers who diagnose and care for patients under the broader hypermobility associated conditions umbrella, we felt that our professional network’s name should be reflective of our purpose. Our top amended name choice, thus far, is The Global Alliance for Hypermobility Related Disorders (GAHRD’). Thoughts? Please share your thoughts on our top choice for amending the name of EDS Wellness’ Professional Provider Network. You also are welcome to send us additional name ideas here. 
  • Wellapalooza 2017 & the 2017 Physician Learning Conference videos are in the FINAL editing stages & several will be available via EDS Wellness’ new e-learning platform! We have no idea how this will work just yet, but we are so thrilled to add this resources to our website! Offering ongoing CMEs for healthcare providers, as well as patient & health education programs, are all a big component of this project.
  • Visit the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel for video recordings from classes, workshops, and previous conferences/retreats. We also have several helpful playlists of videos and music compiled from various YouTube accounts. Click to subscribe!
  • Published (thus far, more will be uploaded soon!) Wellapalooza 2017 presentation slides, edited workshop video recordings, our Wella 2017 photo gallery, and more, are available on the Wellapalooza website. We’ve also provided links in our September 2017 Newsletter.
  • Re: EDS Wellness Website – our newly “reorganized design” will be launched with the e-learning platform! We can’t wait to hear what you think! 
  • The EDS Wellness App, it’s no longer valid. We are still part of the MindBody Wellness community. All EDS Wellness classes, HelpLine appointments, personal appointments, and more can through EDS Wellness’ profile on the MindBody app! However, the responses we’ve received from our recent survey have been favorable for our App, which means that we hope to bring it back soon!
  • Based on survey responses that we’ve received thus far, people like the weekly “Just 5 Minutes” classes that we were holding. So, look for announcements and emails over the next few weeks about “how” and “where” we are going to hold these classes again.
  • Re: EDS Wellness’ “Just 5 Minutes” Classes – We are looking into “virtual studio” options to continue offering our classes (& more!) — just with more privacy. If you are interested in participating in a “test” class or webinar to help us decide which virtual option is best, please let us know by sending an email to, or send a message through our contact form. A few virtual studio/classroom ideas are below:
  1. Offer classes “live” in the EDS Wellness Events/Announcements Facebook Group. Obviously, streaming live on Facebook, even in a private group, does not meet the needs of several of our community members who regularly utilize our recorded videos via the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel. We recognize that there are many who would participate in live classes if offered off of Facebook. Hence, why were are looking into options and asking for input!
  2. We will be testing Zoom & have been looking into using Webinar Jam again. Both offer video conferencing & webinar capabilities, but also offer options for live streaming of events, such as classes, conferences and more. However, we just learned and signed up for ZubiaLive – a live broadcasting platform for the health and wellness community. Information is provided below on the first live broadcast we will be held on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 2:30pm EST.
  • Please join me on a live-streaming broadcast on Mon, 10/30, 02:30 PM EST. ‘Practicing Yoga Safely with Joint Hypermobility’ can be viewed on ZubiaLive using your desktop ( or through the easy iPhone application (not currently available on Android devices) iPhone users can also interact with the host in real-time.
  • Re: EDS Wellness’ Facebook Groups – we have a few more specific groups, in addition to our EDS Wellness/Wellapalooza Events & Announcements Group – i.e. The ‘Integrative & Mind-Body Strategies for EDS, Hypermobility Disorders & Pain’ group. None of our groups are huge, but they are growing daily.
  • Mast Cell Research’s ‘Team Taylor/Mast Cell Awareness Tank & Mast Cell Story Giveaway!’ – is extended another week! Deadline is Sunday, October 29th, 2017 to send in submissions. For more information, including instructions on participate, please visit Team Taylor/Mast Cell Awareness Tank Giveaway.
  • FINALLY gaining ground towards finishing several long-standing and very overdue projects — i.e. ’51 Tips for Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)’ – our collaborative project with Sarah Wells of ‘My Stripy Life.’ This exciting project is finally being published — only a 1 1/2 years behind schedule, but it will be completed and available soon.
  • EDS Wellness “Swag” e-Store with helpful resources for living wellavailable to take orders & send shipments soon!
  • Help Us, Help You – Tell Us More! If you haven’t filled out our super quick, 6 questions survey, we would be thrilled to have your feedback a few of EDS Wellness’ current & previous programs, classes & conferences. Survey link is – And for those interested, we will be sharing a more detailed questionnaire, seeking additional input on community needs. We will also be holding a few focus groups – both in person and virtualInformation will be provided once details are confirmed.
  • And ……. we have an EDS Wellness intern! We have an EDS Wellness intern! Name, details, and introductions will be shared soon!

Links to even more helpful resources and additional information:

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