The presentation slides on ‘Pelvic Region Dysfunction in Clients with EDS,’ presented by Jennifer Ortiz, PT, MPT, WSC at Wellapalooza 2017 are posted publicly with permission. If referring to this presentation or using to source in information, please source correctly by providing the following link – Jennifer Ortiz, PT’s Presentation Slides on ‘Pelvic Region Dysfunction in Clients with EDS and Pelvic Region Dysfunction – Wellapalooza 2017 ‎(short link –

Questions pertaining to this slide presentation can be sent to If you would like to discuss Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or pelvic physical therapy, please contact Jennifer directly.

Direct link to Jennifer Ortiz, PT, MPT, WSC’s slide presentation from Wellapalooza 2017 – Pelvic region Dysfunction in Clients with EDS 2

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