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Just 5 Minutes

What is the mission of “Just 5 Minutes?”

“Motivation for life, and mission to heal, restore and empower the human spirit – one yoga mat at a time. #Just5Minutes at a time.”

The “Just 5 Minutes” initiative is about creating a movement. It’s about spreading awareness through a shared message. It’s about working together to help build momentum and the motivation to do something for 5 minutes each day — because something is better than nothing.

The “Just 5 Minutes” mission is a program developed to help provide yoga mats and other necessary PT and home exercise equipment for those living with EDS and other hypermobility syndromes.

Where did “Just 5 Minutes” come from?

“Just 5 minutes” first started as a way to make myself move when I really did not want to; however, it has become a “rule” that other people identify with because it’s easy and tangible. The “Just 5 Minutes” rule is an initiative of EDS Wellness, Inc. and provided the very essence for its foundation.

Why is the “Just 5 Minutes” rule so important?

The “Just 5 Minutes” rule is important because it often helps provide the motivation people need to move in some way. Individuals who have a type of hypermobility syndrome, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, maintaining an active lifestyle and ensuring that the muscles have tone and strength is critical because, the muscles do the work that the connective tissues cannot.

Even if all you can do is “move” your mind to focus on being present/meditate for “Just 5 Minutes” while sitting still on a yoga mat or in bed, that’s fantastic and is better than doing nothing.

How does the “Just 5 Minutes” rule work?

– Move your body in some way for 5 minutes
– You can go all out or as slow as you want. Move one arm only, one leg only, another body part only or all of them, but just move and do it for 5 minutes.
– After 5 minutes, if you want to stop, then stop. Or, just continue for however long you decide and at whatever intensity.
– Most of the time, people do not stop after 5 minutes, and usually feel better because they did something. And something is better than nothing.

What makes the “Just 5 Minutes” rule work?

It’s tangible, and it applies to anything – not just movement and exercise. The “Just 5 Minutes” rule works because gaining the motivation to begin more than half the battle, and once you start, most don’t want to stop after 5 minutes. Even if you do, can’t help but feel better — in some way.

How do I join “Just 5 Minutes?”

1. Decide if you want to host your own “Just 5 Minutes” event or join someone else’s event, such as the EDS Ride for a Cause. Examples of a group or individual fundraising ideas are – 5k’s,, bowl-a-thon, walk-a-thon, and more. We have more active fundraising ideas on our website.

2. Purchase one of our “Just 5 Minutes” shirts (or more, if needed)

3. Set up a personalized fundraising page on Crowdrise (same website as the Just 5 Minutes fundraiser)

4. Email us to confirm the order of your “Just 5 Minutes” t-shirt and to provide us with a proper email address and physical address for us to sent fundraising materials to.

5. Invite your friends and family to participate too!

Can I buy a t-shirt even if I don’t participate?

Yes! You can show your support EDS Wellness’ mission, including the “Just 5 Minutes” initiative by purchasing a t-shirt or tank and wearing them proudly.

Can I use the EDS Wellness or “Just 5 Minutes” logos or names on shirts?

No, both are trademark protected. However, we do grant permission in specific situations. Please contact with details about your event to request permission to use either name or logo.

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