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Meet my friend Ashley. Her husband found me on Instagram about two years ago, and we’ve become close friends ever since. However, two factors were missing from Ashley’s ability to improve – a good healthcare team and belief that she can. Well, she has both now and I couldn’t be more proud of her. 13613581_1710335739218091_4483432028361455345_o-2

“Making progress every day. The picture on the left is from me this weekend….this shot of my back took my breath away. Seeing how much progress I am truly making with my health is my motivation to keep going. Take a look at my back in the picture on the right. My scoliosis and round back tortured me daily. I also developed snapping scapula syndrome. Since then, my spine, ribs, and hips have all been realigned with natural healing, physical therapy, and hard work.”

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For those who would like to learn more about Ashley’s progress and how she did it, below is another post from Ashley comparing two more pictures. Additionally, Moving Naturally with Hypermobility‘s Facebook page is dedicated solely to the discussion on physical therapy, natural movement and exercise with hypermobility syndromes, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. 13581973_1710673569184308_4130472461820663360_o

“Here’s another look at the changes that are happening to my body without surgery! The picture on the left is just a few days ago. I was putting in some exercise time while I was away visiting family. ♡ The picture on the right is me in 2013 a time when I was in a desperate search for help. I was in such a negative environment at my job, I could no longer physically live in or take care of our home, and the Dr’s in Pittsburgh were good, but not good enough. So….I quit, because my man is awesome and supports every move I make. We sold our beautiful first home. Packed up everything that we decided to keep and moved to NYC. Found the best doctors, an EDS center, tai-chi, meditation, less medication, more nutrition, cannabis, and specific physical therapy. Little by little my life has changed. There is no such thing as an overnight success. It takes dedication, faith, a positive mindset and absolutely more than anything BELIEF IN YOURSELF! ♡”

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Posted with permission from Ashley Pirschl.

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