Webinar 5 – Healthy Strategies for Living with Chronic Pain with Barby Ingle, President of the International Pain Foundation

EDS Wellness’ 2018 Video Webinar Series, ‘Integrative Strategies for Managing Hypermobility Disorders & Related Conditions, Restoring Function & Living Well’ launched in January 2018 and will continue with impactful presentation and discussion on Bary Ingle, President, and Founder of the International Pain Foundation (www.powerofpain.org). Barby, who will discuss living with chronic pain and offer healthy solutions, was named one of the Top 100 Healthcare Information Technology Influencers of 2017 – published by HealthcareScene.com, and named a Top 20 Health Influencer 2017 by Insider Monkey Magazine. She is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and President of the International Pain Foundation, as well as a motivational speaker and bestselling author on pain topics. She has been a pain patient since developing endometriosis in 1997 and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in 2002.

“There are more than 100 million chronic care patients living in the USA and it is important to make an effort to understand the whole picture of treating chronic pain patients effectively,” Ingle said. “Many patients feel lost, forsaken, and mistrusted when access is limited to care and we are overtreated, undertreated or mistreated. I hope that the participants will be able to feel some empathy for a chronic pain patient after hearing some of the of the challenges I faced going through the medical system, to know that patients want to get out of pain, and that it takes a team approach with the patient.”

About EDS Wellness’ 2018 Webinar Series:

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