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Liz Murphy

Liz is originally a PA girl and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Biology and Genetic Engineering Technology from Cedar Crest College in 1986. After 15 years as a Research Biologist at NIH, Liz became a caregiver and patient advocate for her elderly parents and her daughter diagnosed with ADHD and OCD.  In addition to becoming a Girl Scout leader and advisor for the next 12 years, Liz became passionate about raising awareness of trichotillomania as well as a variety of mental illnesses. After her mother died of metastatic cancer in 2005, her father (a WWII veteran) moved in with her family in Maryland.  During the years that she was his caregiver, her younger daughter started suffering from migraines and other chronic symptoms for years.  As a result, Liz also became her daughter’s caregiver and served as a tutor and student advocate, working on a wellness center advisory committee as well as a committee to reform interim instructional services for chronically ill students.

After Liz’s father died, she was able to focus entirely on her younger daughter’s health.  After several frustrating years of tests, procedures, and a variety of doctor appointments, they discovered that she suffered from POTS.   Liz’s turning point occurred right after she and her daughters were diagnosed with hEDS.  At her first dysautonomia conference, Liz met Kendra at the EDS Wellness booth.  Suddenly, Liz found information and support from someone who truly understood what it was like to suffer from POTS and EDS! With help from Kendra and EDS Wellness, her daughter’s health improved.  In order to share her good fortune and help others, Liz spreads awareness of POTS and hEDS whenever possible.

Currently, Liz is working part-time as a family assistant/driver/caregiver, tutor to students with a variety of challenges, and editor. In her leisure time, Liz enjoys painting on canvas and glass as well as making jewelry out of shells, stones, sea glass, and fossils that she finds on beach walks.