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Summary of Yearly Membership Options, Benefits and Registration Links for Individuals, Professionals, and Providers



For Professionals & Partners: 

***Please note – there are a few of our courses that are currently open to the public and do not require a membership at this time; however, that will be changing soon. We are currently in the middle of developing and recording new patient & health education resources, in addition to new movement & wellness classes and courses – some will be prerecorded and others will be offered through live virtual “in-person” attendance on a weekly or set schedule. All recordings are added to our online “courses” and are available in full-length through the eLearning platform. We also regularly uploaded shorter video clips to the EDS Wellness YouTube Channel, Vimeo, or Instagram. We are especially excited to begin using IG TV! Some of our well and working on final editing and uploading of recent event recordings. All courses, classes, and videos will be under either our basic or premium membership soon. Many of our videos are available on the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel! The recordings from EDS Wellness 2018 video webinar series & education program are available under the Member for Life membership, which is no charge but does require registration for membership. Memberships are renewed yearly.***