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Thank you to those who for signed up for the “Just 5 Minutes” class today; however, we are needing to delay the “Just 5 Minutes” class a bit, due to balancing life and work. I’m still very much figuring out the best “flow” – literally and figuratively – and time to “go live” on Facebook, for our “Just 5 Minutes” classes or any other reason.

I’ve emailed those who are registered, and I will be holding the class today but wanted to provide an update here as well.

These classes are a new endeavor that is fun and much-needed. Still, I’m consistently working on how to best manage life (i.e., being a mom, etc.) with EDS Wellness and other projects, while ensuring that I’m dependable and provide needed resources to our community.

Getting used to using technology in this way is also new, and finding the right processes to make sure these classes are useful to our community is critical. I will provide more of an update when we hold class later. We will be moving for “Just 5 Minutes,” and I will be sharing a few of my favorite “workout” and PT-anywhere apps.

Thank you again for your flexibility and patience. Below is the edited video from class 6, which focused on two types of meditation.

You are welcome to play this video now, and if you can join us later, that would be great.

– Kendra


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