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2017 Physicians Learning Conference

#Just5Minutes Daily Movement Classes

‘Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain’

EDS & Hypermobility “Bootcamp” Series

The Hypermobile Dancer & Other At-Risk Athletic Populations

The Hypermobile Yogi – Practicing Yoga Safely with Hypermobility Disorders & EDS 

Life Hacks FB Group – 2017 EDS & HSD Diagnostic Criteria with KNMyles

‘Ask the MCAS Expert – LIVE!’ with Dr. Tania Dempsey

2018 Video Webinar Series & Education Program

2019 Video Webinar Series & Education Program


EDS Ride for a Cause

Virtual #Just5Minutes & Ride for a Cause Races with Charity Footprints

Speaking from the Heart Podcast for EDS Awareness Month (May 2018)

Advocacy & Awareness

Guest Interviews 

EDS Wellness Community Forums & Open Broadcasts

Dr. Linda Bluestein Interviews

Dr. Clair Francomano Patient Education Videos

EDS-Related Events (non-EDS Wellness)

iPain’s Nervember Awareness Series – KNMyles on Growing Pains

iPain’s Nervember Awareness Series – KNMyles on EDS

iPain’s Monthly Speaker Series – KNMyles on EDS Wellness

DC/MD/VA MCAS & VA DSN Support Group – KNMyles Discussion on Movement & Restorative Exercise with 15-min Chair Yoga Class

Tri-State EDS Support Group 

DC EDS Support Group – Dr. Pocinki’s presentation

DC EDS Support Group – KNMyles presentation on “The EDS Spiral”

Elements Physical Therapy Support Group 

Miss Maryland/Miss U.S.A Pageant with Victoria Grahm

2017 DI Conference

2019 DSN Nueroconnect Conference

EDS Wisconsin – Megan’s Walk for Hope

EDS Awareness Webinars

Invisible Illness Week’s FB Discussion with KNMyles

Restored Wellness Podcast


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