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I seem to be much faster at quick updates than sending the emails or posting the information that I’ve promised to both share and send. However, none of it is for lack of working on several things at a time — there’s just a lot to get done, more to coordinate, and a ton of information to share concerning several upcoming events and programs. And I’ve trying to manage and work on everything at the same time, including helping people register for Wellapalooza 2017. So, thank you, thank you for your patience and for bearing with me. Announcements and updates are below: 

1. Our “Just 5 Minutes” class yesterday was a go, but when I went live, no one was there. I waited a bit, but there seemed to be an issue on the side of Facebook – and notifying people that we were live. Even those who were registered didn’t seem my live feed. I didn’t post was recorded because there was no content. 

We will try again until we continue to work on figuring out the best rhythm. In the meantime, I’ve edited the last two classes and have posted them on YouTube. I also have the resources for each and will be sharing them as well. These are some of the emails that I’ve been working on, along with everything else. 😉

To view the edited videos on YouTube, please go to:

Class 5 –

Class 6 –

To register for future “Just 5 Minutes” classes or to stay updated on weekly schedule, go to

Our classes are scheduled for Mondays at 11 am EST and Wednesdays at 2:30 pm EST; however, that seems to change based on a variety of factors, including my own schedule, technology, and other factors. This is a new type of class or program and working out the kinks and finding the best flow is all part of the process. Thank you for your support, feedback, and patience!

2. Yoga and Hypermobility information and resources from the series of 4 classes that were held in November will also be posted and emailed soon. 

All information and resources will also be uploaded to the main page that outlines our weekly program, research efforts, and works towards our online program. I will be posting and emailing details soon. 

3. Our weekly Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain Program and Support Group is being held on Thursdays from 12-2pm at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD

We will NOT be holding a meeting/class today – January 19th, 2017. I have a prior commitment that I already had on my schedule that cannot be moved. 

If you live locally and would like to register for future meetings, go to

4. Wellapalooza 2017 Integrative Wellness Retreat is over half-way full. If you would like to register, please do so soon. The registration link is

5. Accommodations: See message and information below from the Salamander Resort & Spa:

“Thank you for choosing the Salamander Resort & Spa for your upcoming event. In order to best serve your guests, we are able to accept reservations over the phone or online.

Telephone – Guests may reach our hotel reservations department by dialing (800) 651-0721 and request the Wellapoolza Retreat guest room block.

Online – Guests may make reservations online using the following reservation booking link: Wellapoolza

Retreat –

(If you are unable to open the link, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on the link.) 

OR, via the Resort website and using the group code: 

WELL0422 Please note the group code consists of 4 letters followed by 4 numbers.

*Reservations link may not be supported on all mobile devices

We are looking forward to the arrival of your guests. Please do not hesitate to contact the Salamander Resort & Spa at (800) 651-0721 or (540) 326-4000 if you have any questions or would like any additional information.”

Link to reserve under Wellapalooza 2017 Room Block at The Salamander Resort (a PDF will be uploaded to the EDS Wellness and Wellapalooza websites as well) –

Alternate Accommodations:

List on Trip Advisor:

6. Room sharing: for those who have registered and have expressed an interest in sharing a room, I will be sending out an email to everyone individually. Please bear with me – the email is coming. 

If you are interested in sharing a room but have not expressed an interest before, please email

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