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Rounding out a great year with Wellapalooza 2015 – Post-Wella Update part 2

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Ok, on to the fun….

First, Wellapalooza 2016 is scheduled for June 9-12th in the MD/DC/VA area. We are still working on a venue, but both Dr. Clair Francomano and Dr. Larry Afrin are confirmed to speak. As soon as we confirm the venue details, we will be sharing more information.

Second, our website has been revamped. We’ve been working on tweaking our new site with updates, and working to add the features that we want to include now and in the future. One thing we are still figuring out is how to best upload conference presentation videos to the site. It sounds easy, but uploading videos is a bit more complicated when the videos vary up to an hour in length. YouTube also has restrictions on duration of video uploads, which was taken care of, but now we need to figure out how best to lay the framework linking longer videos to our site.

For now, you can view our YouTube channel (see below), which has a few shorter clips already uploaded. We will upload videos as we edit them.

Wellapalooza Video Clips on YouTube

Third, conference presentations from Wellapalooza 2015 are finally uploaded to the Wellapalooza site (yes, they are!). To read through the page with Wellapalooza 2015 conference presentation links and pertinent documents (i.e. Wellapalooza 2015 Wellapalooza Questionnaire & Feedback form), go to Wellapalooza 2015 Conference Presentations & Documents

We are also officially in planning mode for both Wellapalooza 2016‬ & ‪Womens Wella‬. Jan is also hosting a Wella West in Colorado at Princeton Hot Springs Resort. I’ve also gotten over my pity party and temper tantrum after having my video camera stolen with Wellapalooza presentation recordings on it, so we are all good now. And I’ve also gotten some much-needed sleep.

Our goal is to have registration up by the beginning of February 2016; however, January is already filling up with other EDS/Mast Cell-related projects that are near completion and ready to launch as well.

All of this is so exciting and humbling at the same time. And all is for real. Years of work is coming together, not only in the form of ideas that have become plans but also in the form of projects that we are actively working on, many of which are close to completion.

Last, because Wellapalooza is a subsidiary of EDS Wellness, the 5013c application for EDS Wellness will also apply to Wellapalooza. The application process takes quite a long time, and since we are moving from an LLC to a non-profit, it adds another layer of tasks to do and weeks or months until our 5013c status is approved. To achieve all that we are planning for, as well as have the ability to partner with those who are genuinely interested in helping us, transferring from an LLC to an approve 5013c non-profit makes the most sense for the long-term.

So, ‪”Save The Date‬” for Wellapalooza 2016 and keep your eye out for announcements on Women’s Wella as well!


Thank you for your patience and support!

If you missed the 1st Wella News/Post-Wella 2015 update, please go to


We need your help – Fight Song Video Project!



Please send us your 1min video clips of you dancing and singing to “Fight Song” by Rachel Patton. Please share!

All submissions are welcome!


Need a reminder about what the “Just 5 Minutes” rule? See below!

FullSizeRender-1 copy 2

#Just5Minutes video clip from Wellapalooza 2015 (click below)

“Squeeze Your Butt” clip from Wellapalooza 2015


Additional Wellapalooza 2015 Information

Dr. Telfair mentioned providing information to help find integrative practitioners in the DC/MD/VA area. We combined the resources given by Dr. Telfair with additional resources to make a bigger list. You can view the list by clicking here.

***Please note: this list is primarily for practitioners in the MD/DC/VA area. However, there are a few names providers in other areas listed, as well as links to help find a provider near you.****

– Find a Naturopathic Physicians:

– Institute for Functional Medicine:

– American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine:

– Additional names and contact information are available upon request. Please send an email to

Dr. Emily Telfair’s new office address:

222 W. Cold Spring Lane Ste B
Baltimore, MD 21210
(443) 226-7665

Last, please don’t forget to fill out the questionnaire and feedback form. Also, please let us know if you were not able to attend Wellapalooza 2015 and would like your Wella Swag Bag mailed to you, or if we owe you a Wellapalooza contest prize. Please send an email to

Please make sure to keep an eye out for additional posts with pictures and video clips from Wellapalooza 2015, fun website changes, and details on Wellapalooza 2016 conferences!

Have a great week!

– Kendra & Jan

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Read about the groundbreaking new vegan hospital opening in 2016 in the Washington, DC area!


Pertinent Resources:

National Survey Finds People Use Dietary Supplements and Yoga for Wellness Reasons, Chiropractic for Treating a Condition

Americans Are in Pain: Analysis of Data on the Prevalence and Severity of Pain from National Survey

New Year/New You! Looking for active online support groups?

Click on the graphic below to read about 10 active online support groups for those who desire to live well with a chronic illness.


Social Wella!

We broadcasted live during Wellapalooza 2015 via Periscope and will be offering the same options at our 2016 events and conferences.

We are also working towards hosting weekly broadcasts via @Wellapalooza & @EDSWellnessSol

You must first have a Twitter account and then download Periscope. Both are FREE!

Twitter and Periscope: @Wellapalooza (& @EDSWellnessSol)

Other social Wella accounts:

@Wellapalooza on Instagram & Tumblr

Facebook: Wellapalooza

Pinterest: @EDS Wellness/Wellapalooza


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