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Would you like to submit a guest post for possible publication on through our news/blog related to restoring function & living well? 

Do you have a story to share about living with a hypermobility disorder, such as EDS, HSD, another connective tissue disorder or its related conditions?

We would love to hear from you!

Use the form below to send us your guest post or living with EDS/hypermobility story.

  • Stories & guest posts should be approximately 500 words/1000 words max
  • EDS Wellness’ Board Members or volunteers may contact you to discuss your story or guest post
  • Submissions & guest posts are accepted only on the condition that publication of that material is not under restrictions on its publication. We cannot accept any submissions that are already copyrighted.
  • EDS Wellness reserves all and final editorial privileges, including the right to choose not to use submissions 
  • Please submit at least one photo to accompany your story
  • Any questions should be addressed to

Thank you for your participation!

Submission Terms & Agreement:

By submitting your story and related graphics or picture, you are authorizing EDS Wellness to publish your story or guest post, written by you, including any and all related graphics and/or photographs that were taken by you for use in EDS Wellness’ print, online, and video-based publications. You are also agreeing to release and hold harmless EDS Wellness from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with submitted content. Additionally, you are acknowledging that your participation is voluntary and that you will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of the submitted content in EDS Wellness marketing materials or other EDS Wellness publications. You also acknowledge and agree that publication of said content confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever. You hereby release EDS Wellness, its affiliates, contractors, volunteers, board members, employees, and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of information or marketing materials, and from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation. Finally, by submitting your story and related graphics or pictures, you are agreeing to EDS Wellness’ terms and conditions.

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