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EDS Wellness is an extraordinary nonprofit.  Not only is awareness and the latest research information spread via EDS Wellness, but Kendra and the speakers really seem to understand the multiple issues that those suffering with EDS are dealing with.  The webinars are outstanding, interactive, and cover a wide variety of pertinent topics.  Membership is really worth it because you get access to so much information and help


This is an amazing organization to help patients with chronic pain. They look at the person as a whole. The organization, under the guidance of Kendra, has a philosophy of not letting the medical condition define the person. The Wellaplooza (now in its third year) is truly wonderful experience for anyone, not just patients. The 3 days were about treating the mind and body all together. The speakers and hands on demonstrations were excellent. EDS Wellness brings a wonderful mix of medical science and holistic approach to treating not just the medical aspects of chronic pain but the body as a whole.


As both a medical professional studying fascia and as someone living with EDS hypermobility, EDS Wellness has worked very hard to put together many, many resources and information to help everyone gain a better understanding of how EDS affects the body and how to figure out what might help someone cope. As there is such a variety of symptoms and many levels of severity, assembling correct information on EDS is no simple task. Thank you for providing resources to help me better understand what my, body is going through, as well as information that I can share with my EDS patients and their families. 


My daughter has been suffering from POTS and hEDS for 10 years. Although we contacted and visited many doctors and tried a variety of therapies over the years, no one knew how to help my daughter. It doesn’t even come close to say how frustrated I was. Fortunately, I met Kendra at her booth with information on EDS Wellness; this moment was a turning point where we found help and hope! I cannot write enough about how Kendra and EDS Wellness has transformed my life, my daughter’s life, and the lives of so many others. EDS Wellness is about treating the whole person. In addition to maintaining a website that encompasses so much pertinent information as well as numerous links for help, Kendra has run several amazing conferences (like Wellapalooza) for both doctors and patients. Since there is such a variety of medical issues that patients need to deal with, these conferences focus on mind and body wellness, integrative medicine, and various approaches to deal with chronic pain and other issues. This is an exceptional organization that I highly recommend to everyone.