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Think Wellapalooza isn’t for you? Think again!

Think Wellapalooza isn’t for you because you don’t have EDS, Mastocytosis or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)?

Think again …. I can guarantee that if you attend Wellapalooza, you will come away with a much better understanding of how seemingly unrelated conditions are actually related to each other. You will also gain a greater understanding of possible route causes for you symptoms and conditions, and how so much of what will be discussed, pertains to you.

Dr. Theo, one of our scheduled speakers for Wellapalooza 2015, is also one of the leading researchers for mast cell activation disorders. He’s studied the role of mast cell activation in numerous conditions, including food allergies, autism, migraines, lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS and other chronic GI issues like chrons and colitis, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog & other cognitive issues, interstitial cystitis, several auto-immune conditions and much more.

New links seem to come out every day and it is such an exciting time in medicine. What many of us have already known, is further validated by all this new research – most chronic conditions are multi-systemic and do not fit into the tight, isolated, only-effects-one-body-system box that mainstream medicine has been based on.

If interested, but have questions on how Wellapalooza may be helpful to you, please email:

Our Registration deadline is October 10th, in order to ensure that we have enough people to hold the conference. We know that there are many people who plan on coming but have not yet registered. Please make sure to do so prior to the deadline.

Registration link is here: Wellapalooza 2015 Registration

Link to read the update on Wellapalooza 2015 is here.

To read about Dr. Theo and look through his countless research papers, go to:

Two new articles just published on recent studies, discovering a new type of mast cell and a genetic link between mast cell disorders, EDS and Dysautonomia are below.

New mast cell type linked to severe food allergies. More and more research is proving underlying links to mast cell issues and/or heritable connective tissue disorders, or both. And considering our mast cells are housed in our connective tissues, are a type of white blood cell and are our main allergy & inflammatory cells, the links to both are not surprising.” – post from my personal FB page.

New cell type may help explain why some people have dangerous food allergies

A specific syndrome of high tryptase, symptoms of mast cell activation, EDS-like symptoms and dysautonomia can run in families in a dominant fashion. Many of these symptoms can be seen in families who do not have elevated serum tryptase! Our ongoing research is to find the single genetic cause of this, in the hopes of identifying a target to treat. In the meantime, management is symptomatic, not magic!